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Are you an author who needs a pair of eyes to catch typos and screen the final details of your story prior to publication? Perhaps you want someone to format your manuscript so you can focus on your next big idea. Or maybe you need help resizing cover images or combining several into a series image. If any of these sound relevant, keep reading!

I’m an independently published author of over twenty fiction titles interested in helping other creators of fiction
write UPWARD.

Writer Services:



Image Resizing/


I perform basic line editing, which involves correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation errors, and typos. But I also keep my eyes open for repeated words or phrases, lack of clarity, wordiness, point of view slips, passive vs. active tense, voice, dialogue, clich├ęs, and historically inaccurate words or phrases (when applicable) to help you achieve clear, smooth, readable prose. In addition, I’ll mention any whole-picture issues I spot, such as structural problems, plot and character inconsistencies, pacing, and flow. After I’ve finished editing, I’ll include a written critique. I have performed this inclusive editing service on scores of manuscripts over the past decade.

EDIT PRICING: I charge $.0035/word ($3.5 per 1,000 words).

I strongly recommend that you run your manuscript through two or three trustworthy beta readers before hiring an editor. This ensures a quicker turnaround and less expense for you.

Interested? Contact me with your manuscript’s word count and include the first fifteen or twenty pages. I’ll look it over, edit the first 1,000 words for free with notations about the kinds and numbers of errors I encounter, and guestimate the amount of time needed to complete the entire project. Then I’ll return the edited pages. You can look over my work and decide whether we’re a good fit.

If we’re both agreeable, I will ask you to follow some simple formatting guidelines before submitting your entire manuscript: Please make sure your manuscript is a Word document. Text must be black, set at 12 pt type in a standard font, with line spacing set at 1.5.

I will then edit your manuscript using Word’s review features. This conveniently records any changes I make so that you, as the final judge of your own work, can easily accept or reject each one. Word also makes it easy for me to include comments in the margin alongside the text.

Turn around time varies depending on length and number of errors, but I can usually finish within one week.

If you’d prefer, I offer a scaled-down version of this service that includes only line editing (grammar, punctuation, spelling, typos). LINE EDIT PRICING: I charge $.00275/word ($2.75 per 1000 words).

PAYMENT: I accept checks or PayPal. Half due up front. Checks must clear before I start.

Please note, I do not accept manuscripts that contain erotica, excessive language, gratuitous violence, etc.


Not sure how to format your book for publication? I offer ebook formatting as well as paperback formatting, so your story looks its best on an ereader and the printed page.


Kindle-ready Word docx: I take your Word manuscript and format it to upload to Amazon’s KDP ebook platform. As the easiest format, it is also the cheapest. KINDLE PRICING: I charge a flat rate of $50 up to 50K words. After that, I add a dollar for every thousand words (88,000 words = $88).

EPUB files: I create EPUBs “from scratch” so they never pass through conversion software. They are accepted by all digital publishing platforms, even Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). EPUB PRICING: EPUB files are more involved than Kindle docx and priced thirty dollars higher. See Kindle pricing above and add $30. (88,000 = $118)

Whether you want a Kindle-ready Word docx. or an EPUB, you will need to submit a Word document to me. For digital file requests, I will include:

  • Front matter (title page, dedication, etc.)
  • Table of contents with linked chapters
  • Special text (your italics, bold words, etc.)
  • End matter (page with author image and bio, linked blurbs and images for up to five other works/series, etc.)
  • A clean, professional product that meets industry standards and reads well on digital devices
  • For EPUBS only, I will also include the cover image in the finished file. (I don’t create cover images; I only include the image you provide.) Cover images are not needed in Kindle-ready Word docx.

Ebook files will not include:

  • Graphs, tables, or images beyond the end matter items stated above
  • Footnotes


Publishing paperbacks anywhere requires a PDF file. I will provide you with a print-ready PDF as well as the Microsoft Word document from which it is derived. PAPERBACK PRICING: I charge according to my Kindle pricing (see above) plus $30. (88,000 = $118)

PDFs will include:

  • Front matter (title page, dedication, etc.)
  • Special text (your italics, bold words, etc.)
  • End matter (page with author image and bio, blurbs and images for other up to five other works/series, etc.)
  • Headers and footers (page numbers, author name, title)
  • Appropriate margins
  • Pages fit to designated paperback size
  • A clean, professional layout that meets industry standards
  • A print-ready file

Paperback files will not include:

  • Table of contents (unless auto-generated)
  • Graphs, tables, images beyond the end matter items stated above
  • Footnotes

Turn around for all three formats is quick, usually the next day.


If you find an error or just want to make a simple change, let me know. I’ll make minor adjustments for up to one year.

PAYMENT: I accept checks or PayPal. Half due up front. Checks must clear before I begin.

Image Editing

I don’t design cover images, but I will resize or combine them. I also create 3D boxed set images.

  • For $5.00, I’ll do ten image resizes in any combination (1 image 10 sizes; five images two sizes each, etc.).
  • For $5.00, I’ll create a combined series image using up to six different cover images.
  • For $15.00, I’ll create a basic 3D boxed set image from three cover images. Add .75 per additional image up to ten images.

Got something else in mind? Contact me and I’ll see what I can do.

Michelle Isenhoff is an independently published author of over twenty fiction titles. A former elementary school teacher, Michelle began writing for a middle grade audience and subsequently founded Emblazon, an author group dedicated to producing quality independent children’s literature. She has reviewed hundreds of children’s titles on her own blog as well as other websites. Her last two series have been written for an adult audience.

Drawing on her publishing experience as well as a degree in English, Michelle has helped dozens of authors develop their craft, clean up their manuscripts, and bring their novels to publication. One of her greatest delights is watching new writers blossom and mature, whether they be children or adults.